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We invite students from universities, colleges and higher education institutions to join our international network to link up with students around the world wanting to make changes for nature on their campus and at their institutions and start a Nature Positive journey with us.

We will provide an activities toolkit and we would love you to share your actions for nature on social media with the #GenerationRestoration. You can also join our friendly WhatsApp group and monthly drop-in video meetings (beginning in January 2023) to get inspired and support each other. 


Join #GenerationRestoration

What we offer

  • Experience volunteering with mentors at University of Oxford and UN Environment Programme
  • A chance to make a difference on your campus
  • Inspiration and networking with a community of likeminded individuals
  • Resources and training from peers to help you organise events and activities
  • A certificate documenting your role with us
  • A chance to use your particular skills and interests, such as social media, communications, design, organising events, translation and biological identification and survey techniques
  • Flexibility to work around your time and commitments

What we ask of you

  • Attend a monthly drop-in video meeting with other Student Ambassadors to share nature related news and activities from your campus (beginning in January 2023)
  • Commit to volunteering with us approx 1-2 hours a week for a minimum of a university term
  • Organise one or more activities on campus from activities toolkit
  • Stay in touch with us to let us know any queries and if you are unable to continue volunteering

Suggested Actions

  • Join or set up a nature group
  • Campaign to get your university to make the Nature Positive Pledge
  • Help us develop Nature Positive campaign materials
  • Record and log biodiversity on your campus by joining or organising a Bioblitz
  • Help write a biodiversity action plan for your campus
  • Choose a nature positive dissertation or essay topic
  • Help clean up your campus or local community by organising a community litter pick event
  • Volunteer for nature restoration
  • Organise a talk or film-showing that promotes awareness and action for nature


Meet our Ambassadors!

Find out where our Ambassadors are from:


The dots ringed with red show where our initial cohort of Ambassadors are located. Please contact us to be connected with other members of your institution including staff members who have joined our network and expressed an interest to work towards Nature Positive.