Get Involved

Everyone has a part to play in the journey towards Nature Positive

Who can get involved?

All parts of a university have a role to play, whether you are a student, researcher, member of staff or faculty. Find out about our Student Ambassadors programme, network with researchers working on Nature Positive themes, and share resources with staff tackling their impacts on nature in our global community of institutions. 

Explore more ways to get involved

Student Ambassadors

We are developing a thriving Student Ambassadors programme, empowering students to take action for nature on their campuses towards Nature Positive and share experiences and resources with other students across the world. You can connect with us directly as a student, or as part of a team at your institution.  

NEW Webinar series!

Our 2024 Nature Positive Universities webinar series is a series of six monthly free webinars focusing on the work NPU member institutions have been undertaking in several key areas of biodiversity action. The series will cover action for biodiversity on campuses, and in supply chains, and focus on approaches in cities, food on campus, and how to set up biodiversity strategies. You can view all previous webinars on our Youtube channel

University Staff

The staff responsible for managing university grounds and facilities, estates and sustainability teams, procurement and catering all have an important role to play in addressing an institution’s impacts on nature. A working group with representatives at all levels and including management, academic experts and students is likely to be the best way to achieve long lasting change. Visit our resources page to see the latest tools and guidance to help you on your journey.

Collaborate with us

We are interested to link up with researchers, higher education, sustainability and youth networks to help scale our impact and explore new approaches to tackling shared problems. We are establishing Regional Hubs to provide support and develop communities of institutions working together to overcome common challenges. Please contact us to find your nearest Hub or to explore collaborations.

Members Map

The grey dots on the map represent people from universities that are part of the Nature Positive Universities network. These are people from across universities – students, researchers, staff and senior management who have signed up to be part of our community.

Please contact us to connect with other members of your organisation who are part of the network. (Please note that pledges take a day or so to appear on the map.)

Universities who's senior management have taken the nature positive pledge are highlighted in blue.

Universities with student ambassadors are circled in orange.


We are developing tools and guidance for each stage of the Nature Positive Pledge. We will provide links to all reports and documentation here as we develop them. We encourage you to make the Pledge and join the other Founding universities who are starting this journey. We would love to hear how you have approached each aspect of the Pledge so we can share it with our wider network and inspire change.